Welcome to CSC - Community Services Consortium

The Community Services Consortium is a group of firms established to provide planning, engineering, architectural, landscape architectural, golf course planning and marketing services.  These services are provided to communities interested in preparing or updating plans, or reports related to community growth.  Our combined firms work under the name of Community Services Consortium (CSC) and consist of the following well-established firms:  Yung Design Group, (Planning, Landscape Architectural and Computer Graphics services) Picket Ray and Silver, (Engineering and Surveying services) General Design, (Architectural Services), Pittman Poe and Associates (Golf and Resort Communities, Land Planning, Zoning and Clubhouse Design) and Rankin Consulting (Marketing and Grantsmanship services).

This consortium was formed to provide comprehensive services, which constitute the combined skills of well-experienced firms.  It is our belief that the best option for successful community development is to combine firms who specialize in each of the design fields and who have been successful in providing services for a vast number of clients for many years.  Our combined talent allows us to properly address any design or planning need that cities encounter, from the preparation of comprehensive plans, planning regulations, development guidelines, downtown renovations, through the full complement of engineering and architectural services.  In addition, we can assist in providing solutions to marketing and funding issues.


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